Ruins of Aspia

Aven - Journal Entry #1

I awoke this morning, unaware of the events that were about to unfold. The routine started as per usual, prayer, breakfast and so on. The girls already had the establishment bustling, patrons entered and exited the inn like normal. Late morning we were asked to go unload a ship, and that’s when the oddities began. 2 persons, debarked the ship, clad in armor, weapons a plenty and a lantern engraved onto their armor entered our small town. Interesting indeed, and friendly as well. We had sat down to have a drink which they were kind enough to purchase, and discussed a matter of a “Gremlin”. A strange creature with rodent and humanoid features and abilities. Disgusting by nature, we learned that they enjoy feeding off of refuse and live in sewers. Currently it is feeding off of livestock from one of the nearby farms. The questions is, how do we stop it without bringing danger to ourselves, the farmers, or the livestock. Morally I think we should try and contain the beast, as that is how I have come to describe it. I fear this will not be the case.

We have taken up the farmers cause, Beldrid Oakshade, as he carried on like a drunken idiot at Kara’s inn. After promising aid to the farmer, we started our investigation. Finding holes, clawed tracks, and a tuft of hair that does not seem human. My first thought of course, was a lycanthrope. Creatures of children’s tales, yet bone chillingly real. Human by day, Beast by night, or some blasphemous hybrid. We know now that thankfully this is not the case, as per our new friends from the Golden Lantern Lodge.

We also spoke to Dit, a silversmith of reputation, in hopes to find some promising work as a potential diplomat, to negotiate prices from the silver mine itself. The mine, like the farm, is toiling with trouble. Miners getting lost in the depths below, never returning. After visiting his shop, it was closed up, and rumor had it he had travelled to the Kamdar mine. It is obvious that Dit himself has travelled to the mine to make his own diplomatic requests.

The mundane problems of a little coastal town like this are becoming big, very quickly. I have spoken to Kara, and she has agreed to let the girls have some time off, so we can help these people as per my request.

That is all for now, I grow weary.


Durgart Mordekain

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