Ruins of Aspia

Aven - Journal Entry #5

A haunting...?

After returning home, business was usual for a short time. The girls went back to the inn, I of course, went to maintain the Shrine of Irori. As I did my routine cleaning, I was approached by a Greencloak, concerning a burial of his partner, who had died in a battle with some form of fire creature. I obliged, and performed the necessary rites and buried his friend. Shortly after I heard a bell, and alarm, and I went to investigate. The chancellor had gone missing. Missing during the night. After getting together with my friends, we managed to get inside to investigate. Words were found on the wall of her study, reading; “Darion will have his revenge”. After some research, it turns out the chancellor shares the family name of a barrister who was alive during a court case which involved a man named Darion who plead innocence for the murder of his wife and 3 children. Exactly 100 years ago from the night of the missing chancellor. We discovered that the person who discovered the murder was a Chester (family name) and as we approached his farm to investigate and ask questions concerning what may have happened 100 years ago, we found the farmstead burning. We did our best to put out the flames as neighboring farmers joined in to help. A doll was discovered also the ancient murder weapon was found under the floor boards as an undead eerily pointed to it. As the group searched around, a room under the barn had been discovered, a room that was clearly dedicated to evil sacrifice. As we stood around deciding what to do, I caught a glimpse of a ghost of human man watching from behind some rubble. As I approached, he vanished. Now I must decide what is the greater good for my belief, destroying the ghost outright or trying to put the soul to rest.


Durgart Mordekain

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