Ruins of Aspia

Aven - Journal Entry #7

The Test

 So we arrived at the training camp, and we were quick to enter the trial. We entered a dungeon and overcame some very interesting tricks and traps. At the end we arrived in a room where there were some magical tapestries. Our job was to use one as some sort of sewn portal. We chose the battle scene. Upon arriving we were quick to discover that the test was an illusion and any consequences of our actions would result in real consequences. It was a scene from a war that had been fought roughly 300 years ago. We were soon put to work by a purple cloaked General. I of course was sent to the healers tent to lend a hand and the girls go sent elsewhere. We were soon summoned to the Generals tent as apparently we were an elite task force that had been requested for the disarming of a moderate amount of siege machinery. Once the mission had been briefed, we were put under command of a young man named Leeto Fenrir. He was a very intelligent young man, and slightly unconventional. We spent time with Leeto coming up with the best plan to take out the necessary siege equipment. The final plan being to focus on a trebuchet at the rear of the enemy armys camp. After a brief visit to the quartermaster, we were off. After dealing with a pair of arguing guards, we made quick work of the guards and siege crew of the trebuchet we had set off to capture. We were successful. As we took out the camp with the siege engine, the illusion ended. We were back at camp; now; part of the Golden Lantern Lodge. Rewarded with green cloaks and a specific item of magic. It was defintely an experience, and one I won't soon forget.


Durgart Mordekain

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