Ruins of Aspia

Aven - Journal Entry #8

Dark Gods?!? I didn't sign up for this...

<sigh> training complete. We were successful! This was exciting news, and we even got rewarded with exceptionally crafted items, one each. I got a shield, and it’s great. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling different. At the end of the training I decided to test my limits, and it seems, that Irori has granted me additional power. An amazing feeling that the God you follow deems you worthy of more of her sacred gifts. Alas; my celebration was short lived. The Orc, the one who was to test us beckoned us for a quest. Our quest was to find an artifact, far to the east, very close to Epiphany, the most amazing city-state in the world. A place where ALL the divine followers can meet an interact without conflict. Once I was there and I got into a lively debate with a follower of Urgathoa. Of course, our beliefs are extreme and opposite, so no middle ground was found. This, however; is an entry for another time. We set off, with help from the Orc, we ended up in a small farming community littered with refugees. As it turns out, there is a mysterious army marching near Epiphany. This fact mixed with this artifact, which is one of an old God, that even I don’t recall, seems odd. As we stayed in this town, odd things were happening, very similar to haunt in the courthouse we found ourselves in a few weeks prior. Armies, Ghosts, Hungry masses, I could not figure out which to try and deal with first. We tried to get some information but it wasn’t very easy, nobody seemed to know what or where the army were or came from. We spoke to two other Lodge members that were in town on their own mission, and decided to trade information, should any arise. I linked the troubles in the town to the artifact, Flynn thought it might be a poltergeist, as did Reagan. So we pursued that avenue first. One of the Green Cloaks, has the ability to commune with the dead. Something, I personally do not agree with, but I digress. It was agreed, that the following morning he would attempt to commune with this spirit. The next morning we awoke, and met with the fellow. After voicing my reservations, I sat at the table and we began the commune. After a few minutes, we found ourselves speaking with a Goddess, Discordia. She answered a few of our questions, most of which made me feel completely powerless. After the commune, there were dire side effects. The Green Cloak who had led the commune had his eyes explode out of his skull. Charming, to say the least. I spent that evening praying and meditating to Irori. Early in the morning, I was approached by a halfling, he asked a lot of question concerning deities and their roles in the mortal world. Lack of sleep, and emotion running high, I thought, that he may be the avatar of this Discordia in disguise. Especially after he destroyed my shrine by poking it with a stick. In either case, there’s nothing I can do. I just hope Irori will help see me through these tough trials…


Durgart Mordekain

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