Ruins of Aspia

Flynn's Dream

as she lay unconsious

Flynn ran around the round room, following the path of the pentagram on the floor. A goat chased at her heels it’s bleating sounding eerily similar to the sound of a dead beagle barking. In front of her was a ship made out of gold with the name HMS Dowry spelt out in cracked glass balls on the side of the ship. Every time she nearly caught up to the ship Christin some how plucked it out of her reach again demanding she tell him why he was not worthy, just as Aven dashed across her path stating “I’m late, I’m late, for an important date, If I do not hurry she will not be there!” before turning into a mermaid, swimming down a hole in the ground.

The path before her changed, the world going dark right before it lit up in a blinding display of light! On the floor in front of her, in the middle of the pentagram, lay the two bodies of the people she cared for most in the world, a man stood over them praying. “Angel, let your light shine on for my pockets are empty” he whispered right before he sacrificed her sisters.


Durgart PaperbagPrincesz

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