Ruins of Aspia

Flynn's Journal Entry #4

Match Maker

Another adventure over with and no I won’t talk about it as I am already trying hard to forget it. I will just say that having to watch your sisters get sick, nearly die, and jump off a cliff is the stuff of nightmares. On the bright side mom would be happy has all of this has lead me to an actual purpose in life (she is always nagging at me I have no direction or ambition). I have decided that all this adventuring needs to end or else I will end up watching mom suffer the loss of her children and myself the loss of two beloved sisters.

The Plan! To find them both husbands. Once they settle down with a home of their own and start popping out baby’s I suspect this silly desire to get themselves killed will end. The only problem ,however, is finding men that are worthy enough who can also protect them in the face of overwhelming danger, so I wont spend my nights working at the Inn fretting on their well being. Which leads to the dilemma of then convincing the girls that the men I find them are in fact the men of their dreams. No easy feat as Reagan Locke seems to like pansy ass pretty boys and Saelona does not pay any attention to anything unless it has leaves or fur on it. Nether of which is acceptable as husbands in my book.

The Solution! Find a pretty boy who is also a bad ass (this maybe the hardest thing I have ever done) and as for Saelona the answer can only be to find her a druid of questionable personal hygiene.

With this settled I can sleep easy with my new purpose in life. To play match maker for my sisters!!!!


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