Ruins of Aspia

Missing livestock

On the second day of the month, you wake to a red sky, a storm is brewing.
After morning prep at The Empty Oarhouse Ale House breakfast is served and the regular morning guests arrive before they head out to the fields. Dockmaster Fildred arrives at the inn to request aid to unload an incoming vessel. Two strangers disembark the cargo ship, the strangers a cloaked and hooded, but visibly well armed, they bare a mark of a lantern on their armor.

Looking for extra work, you discover Dit, the Goblin silversmith is looking for an experienced negotiator. After a brief discussion you discover he is currently working on an engagement ring for a farmhand who is soon to be wed. The Ring is of the highest quality and exceptionally detailed. Dit is looking for a negotiator to deal with the Foreman at the Brohst Silver mine. He’s looking for a better deal. He requests your references and will get back to you.

Late in the afternoon you return to the The Empty Oarhouse Ale House, the place is hushed as a drunken man in the stands on his table verbally berating the staff, and the guests he is quite drunk. After calming the drunken man you escort him out of the tavern, and discover he is Beldrid Oakshade, and he is upset that no one is helping find his missing animals. As the main source of meats (other than fish), he feeds most of Hinswall hold.

You escort Beldrid Oakshade to his home, as the rain continues to pour. As you exit the city, you pass the 2 hooded strangers, both soaked to the bone. You stop them and discover they are from the order of the golden lantern, a “lodge” of some kind, and they are hunting something in the mountains, but would like to get out of the rain. They suggest you find them in the inn if you had more questions. Your first investigation of the farm leads little in results due to the weather. You return home, with plans to come back the next day.

The next day Dit’s shop was closed, rumors state he has departed for Kamdar 2 days to the south. You return to the Oakshade farm for a closer look, and to ask some questions to farmhands. You discover unrecognizable large clawed footprints leading to the north east, and a hole dug under one of the fences. Along the outside of the barn more tracks can be found, and scratch marks on the barn wall. Inside the barn, a tuft of white hair is found. You discover the animals are going missing at night, and decide to return to town to see if anyone knows anything about the prints, or hair.

You speak again with the two strangers, describe what you found at the farm, and show them the tuft of hair. They believe that a gremlin is stealing the animals. Though it is strange as they usually stay in urban areas and feed on discarded filth and refuse. You prepare to return to to the Oakshade farm, in hopes of catching one of these “gremlins” tonight, as the animals are going missing more frequently.


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