Ruins of Aspia

Aven - Medical Journal
Adventures and Contagions

Medical Journal Entry #1

Gremlins have lice. Upon physical contact, lice are transmitted to the victim and begin to bite at the flesh.

Symptoms: Serious itching, slight pain. Itching is distracting enough at it’s potency to hinder mobility, combat effectiveness and skill use.

Treatments: Submerge infected area in salt water. Kills lice, dulls itching, victim left with small bite marks for a time.

Medical Journal Entry #2

Underground well water – Kept in Water skin. Upon consumption, creates possible illness, effects include extreme nausea. Rendered useless.

Symptoms: No symptoms, is onset almost immediately.

Treatments: Leave the cave.

Aven - Journal Entry #8
Dark Gods?!? I didn't sign up for this...

<sigh> training complete. We were successful! This was exciting news, and we even got rewarded with exceptionally crafted items, one each. I got a shield, and it’s great. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling different. At the end of the training I decided to test my limits, and it seems, that Irori has granted me additional power. An amazing feeling that the God you follow deems you worthy of more of her sacred gifts. Alas; my celebration was short lived. The Orc, the one who was to test us beckoned us for a quest. Our quest was to find an artifact, far to the east, very close to Epiphany, the most amazing city-state in the world. A place where ALL the divine followers can meet an interact without conflict. Once I was there and I got into a lively debate with a follower of Urgathoa. Of course, our beliefs are extreme and opposite, so no middle ground was found. This, however; is an entry for another time. We set off, with help from the Orc, we ended up in a small farming community littered with refugees. As it turns out, there is a mysterious army marching near Epiphany. This fact mixed with this artifact, which is one of an old God, that even I don’t recall, seems odd. As we stayed in this town, odd things were happening, very similar to haunt in the courthouse we found ourselves in a few weeks prior. Armies, Ghosts, Hungry masses, I could not figure out which to try and deal with first. We tried to get some information but it wasn’t very easy, nobody seemed to know what or where the army were or came from. We spoke to two other Lodge members that were in town on their own mission, and decided to trade information, should any arise. I linked the troubles in the town to the artifact, Flynn thought it might be a poltergeist, as did Reagan. So we pursued that avenue first. One of the Green Cloaks, has the ability to commune with the dead. Something, I personally do not agree with, but I digress. It was agreed, that the following morning he would attempt to commune with this spirit. The next morning we awoke, and met with the fellow. After voicing my reservations, I sat at the table and we began the commune. After a few minutes, we found ourselves speaking with a Goddess, Discordia. She answered a few of our questions, most of which made me feel completely powerless. After the commune, there were dire side effects. The Green Cloak who had led the commune had his eyes explode out of his skull. Charming, to say the least. I spent that evening praying and meditating to Irori. Early in the morning, I was approached by a halfling, he asked a lot of question concerning deities and their roles in the mortal world. Lack of sleep, and emotion running high, I thought, that he may be the avatar of this Discordia in disguise. Especially after he destroyed my shrine by poking it with a stick. In either case, there’s nothing I can do. I just hope Irori will help see me through these tough trials…

Aven - Journal Entry #1

I awoke this morning, unaware of the events that were about to unfold. The routine started as per usual, prayer, breakfast and so on. The girls already had the establishment bustling, patrons entered and exited the inn like normal. Late morning we were asked to go unload a ship, and that’s when the oddities began. 2 persons, debarked the ship, clad in armor, weapons a plenty and a lantern engraved onto their armor entered our small town. Interesting indeed, and friendly as well. We had sat down to have a drink which they were kind enough to purchase, and discussed a matter of a “Gremlin”. A strange creature with rodent and humanoid features and abilities. Disgusting by nature, we learned that they enjoy feeding off of refuse and live in sewers. Currently it is feeding off of livestock from one of the nearby farms. The questions is, how do we stop it without bringing danger to ourselves, the farmers, or the livestock. Morally I think we should try and contain the beast, as that is how I have come to describe it. I fear this will not be the case.

We have taken up the farmers cause, Beldrid Oakshade, as he carried on like a drunken idiot at Kara’s inn. After promising aid to the farmer, we started our investigation. Finding holes, clawed tracks, and a tuft of hair that does not seem human. My first thought of course, was a lycanthrope. Creatures of children’s tales, yet bone chillingly real. Human by day, Beast by night, or some blasphemous hybrid. We know now that thankfully this is not the case, as per our new friends from the Golden Lantern Lodge.

We also spoke to Dit, a silversmith of reputation, in hopes to find some promising work as a potential diplomat, to negotiate prices from the silver mine itself. The mine, like the farm, is toiling with trouble. Miners getting lost in the depths below, never returning. After visiting his shop, it was closed up, and rumor had it he had travelled to the Kamdar mine. It is obvious that Dit himself has travelled to the mine to make his own diplomatic requests.

The mundane problems of a little coastal town like this are becoming big, very quickly. I have spoken to Kara, and she has agreed to let the girls have some time off, so we can help these people as per my request.

That is all for now, I grow weary.

Aven - Journal Entry #7
The Test

 So we arrived at the training camp, and we were quick to enter the trial. We entered a dungeon and overcame some very interesting tricks and traps. At the end we arrived in a room where there were some magical tapestries. Our job was to use one as some sort of sewn portal. We chose the battle scene. Upon arriving we were quick to discover that the test was an illusion and any consequences of our actions would result in real consequences. It was a scene from a war that had been fought roughly 300 years ago. We were soon put to work by a purple cloaked General. I of course was sent to the healers tent to lend a hand and the girls go sent elsewhere. We were soon summoned to the Generals tent as apparently we were an elite task force that had been requested for the disarming of a moderate amount of siege machinery. Once the mission had been briefed, we were put under command of a young man named Leeto Fenrir. He was a very intelligent young man, and slightly unconventional. We spent time with Leeto coming up with the best plan to take out the necessary siege equipment. The final plan being to focus on a trebuchet at the rear of the enemy armys camp. After a brief visit to the quartermaster, we were off. After dealing with a pair of arguing guards, we made quick work of the guards and siege crew of the trebuchet we had set off to capture. We were successful. As we took out the camp with the siege engine, the illusion ended. We were back at camp; now; part of the Golden Lantern Lodge. Rewarded with green cloaks and a specific item of magic. It was defintely an experience, and one I won't soon forget.

Aven - Journal Entry #6
What in Iroris name happened?!

Moments after seeing the ghostly figure, I witnessed, one by one my friends collapse around me. Shortly after the darkness stole my senses as well. We awoke, an unknown amount of time later in an old decrepit courthouse, in Old Hinswall. We sat in the jurors stand along with 8 other people:
Sir Rekkart Cole a Paladin of Iomedae
Tabbark Hammergrind a Dwarf
Madge Blossomheart a lovely little halfling
Malgrim Hurkes a Hobgoblin
Killian Paltreth a Human
Patrissa Vrakes a Human
Ebin Blithaddle a very angry Gnome
and Halgrak Five-Toes a Half-Orc
At first we were all unaware of why we had suddenly appeared in the courthouse of old. It soon became clear, the spirit wanted help. After careful investigation of most of the undead abundant courthouse, it became clear what we had to do. We had to find the rightful killer and sentence him or her to death. Following some lengthy interviews, Killian Paltreth admitted being the one who murdered the spirits family. The moral complications for me were overwhelming. The choices were to let the spirit continue to harass, maim and even kill us, or sentence a man to death without a proper trial. We spoke to Sir Rekkart Cole, and as a paladin of justice, honour, valor and rulership; he deemed that Killian was to be set to hang in the gallows. My stomach turned and toiled, as my Patron also represented law tasked me with an almost impossible decision. In an instant I was rewarded for my turmoil, as Irori herself showed me the way. The man had to die. I could not let anything happen to anyone else, especially my friends. The ideal of the greater good won the day, and I stopped my internal protest. So it went, Killian was strung up in the gallows and hung. Saelona pulled the lever, and since that moment I could see it eating at her. We will discuss it further in private. Once we were sure the man was dead, the presence that was contained within the walls of the courthouse seemed to fade away. Things seemed a little less dark. Now it was time for home.

Upon returning home, we all went our separate ways as we always do. The girls went back to the inn, and I went to the shrine to make sure it was clean. Once there I discovered a note from Christian, the Greencloak, inviting us to the mainland if we were interested in some more adventure, in addition a special token had been left as proof of the invitation. I decided to hold on to this and let the girls have at least the day to relax and recover from our travels. Over the course of the day after meeting with the Chancellor, who had returned during our absence, that she was victim to a kidnapping, and had nothing to do with the spirit. Some bandits thought they could get a hefty ransom for a government official.

Upon arriving at the inn for dinner, I presented the idea of going to the mainland in search for more adventure, of course Flynn was a little wary of it at first, but gave in shortly after. After several days in town, selling our valuables off we set sail for the mainland. After arriving we made quick work of finding the tavern in which we were to deliver the coin. We were all asked to join the Golden Lantern Lodge (the Greencloaks as we had always called them) and an individual interview for each of us ensued. We were tasked to wait down in the tavern part as they decided how they would proceed with us. A very strange occurrence took place when a random Dwarf decided at that moment that he was dangerously intrigued with Saelona. Jumping up on a tavern table and declaring his undying love for her. It made me question if this group was something we should be apart of. Either way, it was to be that we would enter some sort of recruitment testing facility where we would be tested. The wagons are pulling in now… to be continued

Flynn's Journal Entry#5
Dead People Should Stay Dead

It’s one thing when the man you find for your sister to marry dies( Damn but he was perfect) but it’s another when he does not stay dead. Talk about a tease. Nothing a solid punch to his head could not handle though. Yes Saelona and a few arrows as well sigh…. Anyway I don’t know about any of you but I have come to the strong conclusion that dead people should stay dead! Particularly when they chase you around trying to ear your feet!

Aven - Journal Entry #5
A haunting...?

After returning home, business was usual for a short time. The girls went back to the inn, I of course, went to maintain the Shrine of Irori. As I did my routine cleaning, I was approached by a Greencloak, concerning a burial of his partner, who had died in a battle with some form of fire creature. I obliged, and performed the necessary rites and buried his friend. Shortly after I heard a bell, and alarm, and I went to investigate. The chancellor had gone missing. Missing during the night. After getting together with my friends, we managed to get inside to investigate. Words were found on the wall of her study, reading; “Darion will have his revenge”. After some research, it turns out the chancellor shares the family name of a barrister who was alive during a court case which involved a man named Darion who plead innocence for the murder of his wife and 3 children. Exactly 100 years ago from the night of the missing chancellor. We discovered that the person who discovered the murder was a Chester (family name) and as we approached his farm to investigate and ask questions concerning what may have happened 100 years ago, we found the farmstead burning. We did our best to put out the flames as neighboring farmers joined in to help. A doll was discovered also the ancient murder weapon was found under the floor boards as an undead eerily pointed to it. As the group searched around, a room under the barn had been discovered, a room that was clearly dedicated to evil sacrifice. As we stood around deciding what to do, I caught a glimpse of a ghost of human man watching from behind some rubble. As I approached, he vanished. Now I must decide what is the greater good for my belief, destroying the ghost outright or trying to put the soul to rest.

Flynn's Dream
as she lay unconsious

Flynn ran around the round room, following the path of the pentagram on the floor. A goat chased at her heels it’s bleating sounding eerily similar to the sound of a dead beagle barking. In front of her was a ship made out of gold with the name HMS Dowry spelt out in cracked glass balls on the side of the ship. Every time she nearly caught up to the ship Christin some how plucked it out of her reach again demanding she tell him why he was not worthy, just as Aven dashed across her path stating “I’m late, I’m late, for an important date, If I do not hurry she will not be there!” before turning into a mermaid, swimming down a hole in the ground.

The path before her changed, the world going dark right before it lit up in a blinding display of light! On the floor in front of her, in the middle of the pentagram, lay the two bodies of the people she cared for most in the world, a man stood over them praying. “Angel, let your light shine on for my pockets are empty” he whispered right before he sacrificed her sisters.

Flynn's Journal Entry #4
Match Maker

Another adventure over with and no I won’t talk about it as I am already trying hard to forget it. I will just say that having to watch your sisters get sick, nearly die, and jump off a cliff is the stuff of nightmares. On the bright side mom would be happy has all of this has lead me to an actual purpose in life (she is always nagging at me I have no direction or ambition). I have decided that all this adventuring needs to end or else I will end up watching mom suffer the loss of her children and myself the loss of two beloved sisters.

The Plan! To find them both husbands. Once they settle down with a home of their own and start popping out baby’s I suspect this silly desire to get themselves killed will end. The only problem ,however, is finding men that are worthy enough who can also protect them in the face of overwhelming danger, so I wont spend my nights working at the Inn fretting on their well being. Which leads to the dilemma of then convincing the girls that the men I find them are in fact the men of their dreams. No easy feat as Reagan Locke seems to like pansy ass pretty boys and Saelona does not pay any attention to anything unless it has leaves or fur on it. Nether of which is acceptable as husbands in my book.

The Solution! Find a pretty boy who is also a bad ass (this maybe the hardest thing I have ever done) and as for Saelona the answer can only be to find her a druid of questionable personal hygiene.

With this settled I can sleep easy with my new purpose in life. To play match maker for my sisters!!!!

Aven - Journal Entry #4
Leap of Faith...


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