Ruins of Aspia

Missing livestock

On the second day of the month, you wake to a red sky, a storm is brewing.
After morning prep at The Empty Oarhouse Ale House breakfast is served and the regular morning guests arrive before they head out to the fields. Dockmaster Fildred arrives at the inn to request aid to unload an incoming vessel. Two strangers disembark the cargo ship, the strangers a cloaked and hooded, but visibly well armed, they bare a mark of a lantern on their armor.

Looking for extra work, you discover Dit, the Goblin silversmith is looking for an experienced negotiator. After a brief discussion you discover he is currently working on an engagement ring for a farmhand who is soon to be wed. The Ring is of the highest quality and exceptionally detailed. Dit is looking for a negotiator to deal with the Foreman at the Brohst Silver mine. He’s looking for a better deal. He requests your references and will get back to you.

Late in the afternoon you return to the The Empty Oarhouse Ale House, the place is hushed as a drunken man in the stands on his table verbally berating the staff, and the guests he is quite drunk. After calming the drunken man you escort him out of the tavern, and discover he is Beldrid Oakshade, and he is upset that no one is helping find his missing animals. As the main source of meats (other than fish), he feeds most of Hinswall hold.

You escort Beldrid Oakshade to his home, as the rain continues to pour. As you exit the city, you pass the 2 hooded strangers, both soaked to the bone. You stop them and discover they are from the order of the golden lantern, a “lodge” of some kind, and they are hunting something in the mountains, but would like to get out of the rain. They suggest you find them in the inn if you had more questions. Your first investigation of the farm leads little in results due to the weather. You return home, with plans to come back the next day.

The next day Dit’s shop was closed, rumors state he has departed for Kamdar 2 days to the south. You return to the Oakshade farm for a closer look, and to ask some questions to farmhands. You discover unrecognizable large clawed footprints leading to the north east, and a hole dug under one of the fences. Along the outside of the barn more tracks can be found, and scratch marks on the barn wall. Inside the barn, a tuft of white hair is found. You discover the animals are going missing at night, and decide to return to town to see if anyone knows anything about the prints, or hair.

You speak again with the two strangers, describe what you found at the farm, and show them the tuft of hair. They believe that a gremlin is stealing the animals. Though it is strange as they usually stay in urban areas and feed on discarded filth and refuse. You prepare to return to to the Oakshade farm, in hopes of catching one of these “gremlins” tonight, as the animals are going missing more frequently.

The beasts on the Island

Having returned to Hinswall hold to prepare for for this evenings ambush you supply yourselves with everything you need in order to capture whatever it might be that is taking the animals from the Oakshade farm. You return late in the afternoon to set your trap.

Flynn suggests digging a pit trap at the entrance to the barn, however Saelona after speaking with Beldrid stops here, as once the pit trap is completed there will be no way for the animals to be brought inside for the night. The decision was made to stand guard for the night, in hopes of catching the thief off guard.

As the night progresses the party divides themselves with two taking their post in the loft upstairs, and two on the main floor the the animals. Later that night scratching can be heard at the south eastern corner of the barn. Reagan asking here companions if they can hear the noise, while the animals begin to stir in panic. When suddenly the sound stops as quickly as it began. Aven begins to do what he can to calm the terrified animals, and from that moment forward the rest of the night passes uneventfully. Saelona, and Flynn see no activity in the fields from their post in the loft. As the sun begins to rise, fatigued from the long night on watch, the party checks the area of the barn where the scratching came from, and to their shock a tunnel had been dug under the barn walls and small opening could be found inside one of the pens.

Exhausted the companions return to their beds, for some rest, before following the tracks discovered around the tunnel. It is clear at the point whomever or whatever the thief is, it is intelligent. After some rest and food, it is time to track the thief from where it came. The tracks lead to a beach head a few miles from the barn, and suddenly stop, washed away by the high tide. A subtle wisp of smoke can be spotted from a near by island.

Suddenly two flying creatures emerge from the ocean attacking the party, but are swiftly dealt with.

Aven being as comfortable in the ocean as he is on land, decides to take a closer look, and heads out to investigate. He approaches the island with caution, and spots a few humanoids with features that resemble a rat, as well as a red hooded character, and a small boat. The red hooded character takes a pouch form his belt, and by some form of magic puts the boat inside the pouch which is no larger than a coin purse.

Aven then returns to his friends, and tells them of the situation. Hiring a small boat and traveling across to the island, making sure to approach from the far side as not to be spotted, the group begins to make their way to the camp, ensuring to clear the beach from in case a quick escape is needed.

While exploring what was thought to be an uninhabited island. The party comes across 3 rat like humanoids, they seem to be communicating with each other, and after being discovered approach to party with their clawed hands raised. Aven taking a ration form his pack offers it to the beasts one which snatches it from his hand, only to be set upon by the other two. The beasts follow the party closely as the approach the camp, the closer they get the more talkative they seem to be.

Aven casts “comprehend languages” The beasts are talking about killing the party, aware of the plot Aven approaches the beasts mace drawn. The beasts attack. After the battle, the party is restored to health by Aven, and they continue toward the mysterious camp.

Saelona - Journal entry # 1
gremlins = nope!

Ouff! What the hell is going on lately?! I swear I must be going crazy. Did I actually attempt to make a dress the other day? Can’t be, must be Flynn’s doing…. She must have given me one of her “special” drinks from the bar.

Not only is the dress thing weird but what in the name of the gods are these things we are pursuing? The stench will be engrained in my memory forever. These “gremlins” or whatever are truly disgusting, diseased creatures. They seem to be the culprits behind the livestock disappearances at The Oakshade farm. At this point, I don’t care what they did or what they plan on doing to the livestock. They need to die. They…puked on me!!!! And they have fleas! Ugh! NEVER again… There is not enough water in the world to make me feel clean again.

We better find the livestock soon and find a way to bring it back to Oakshade’s farm so I can be done with these things. I’m all for nature’s creatures but this…. Hell no.


Flynn's Journal Entry #1
Sand Castles

So this week started like any other. Server the farmers, then the drunks, bounce them once they started to get to gropey or out of hand. All nice and predictable. The issue started (as it always does) when my sisters decided to be helpful adventures and dragged me along with them on one of their bleeding heart missions. It’s always the same, Ohh the poor person blah blah blah bleeding heart sister number one, or Ohh the poor animals blah blah blah bleeding hart sister two…

I really rather just serve beer and then bounce people, I was good at it and enjoyed the job satisfaction and simplicity of it all. That being said if I did not go with them, then who would protect them from the world and more importantly from them selves. They really are just asking to be taken advantage of. And god help anyone who tries to hurt them while I’m around!!!

So here I am on some god forsaken island dealing with bug infested. stinky, vomiting rat things, and we are not even getting paid for this shit. Next time I go talk to the farmer/merchant/woman with a sob story/what ever other leach that week is begging for help from my easy mark, soft hearted sisters, and not wanting to pay for the privilege. Seriously if that farmer is too stupid, week or more likely just to cheep to protect his livelihood he deserves to have his live stock stolen.

The highlight of my week so far was watching and helping Sealona try and make that silly dress(mostly the part where I got to rip the sleeves off of it), giving Reagan the suntan tattoo’s, and building a giant sand castle with Sealona. It really is all about the small pleasures in life.
Aven - Journal Entry #2
Gremlins - "Fact or Fiction?'

We returned from town, to the farm. Our plan was to set up an ambush for the predators. Little did we know, that these creatures are in fact quite cunning. Several hours into the operation, the animals began to get extremely skittish. Scratching noises were heard outside, albeit not by me. As we did not want to leave the barn, in fear there may be more beasts than we had previously thought, we decided to stay inside for the rest of the night that went by, as far as we can tell, uneventful. Come the morning, the search began. A tunnel, found outside, lead us to a small pen on the inside of the barn. Big enough for a mans head, we assume that the beast were scouring for prey. I can only assume, once they noticed us, they fled.

Getting relatively frustrated with the situation, we decided to follow the tracks of the unknown beast(s). It lead us to the north eastern coast of Brohst. Then, the track disappeared. Patience has always been a strong point for me, but even I ground my teeth a little at the thought of our lost quarry. We stood, idle, on the beach, trying to come up with a conclusion as to what happened to the beast(s) as they had seemed to just disappear. When two of the girls got attacked by some, by description, flying iguanas. They were relentless as the ambushed the girls, but turned out to be nothing more than an annoyance.

I decided to go out to sea, to see if I could see any secrets or clues under the waves. Nothing, always nothing with these beasts. One thing was noticed on the small island east of Brohst. Some smoke bellowed up high enough for us to see. As far as we knew, or had at least been told, the island was uninhabited. So I began to swim to the other side, once I got close I noticed that Flynn had been right, the beasts were here. Beasts? Not anymore, they were humanoid with rat-like faces. Another oddity that I saw, which was much more interesting was the site of another humanoid being with red skin, and abnormally large teeth. He had a bag, which he was able to open and fit an entire boat into. Very interesting issues in my mind.

Once I returned and reported my findings, we decided to cross. After securing a boat, we left Leo, and the island behind. Once ashore, I made breakfast and prayed. The stench on this island made it hard to eat and even concentrate on my prayers. I awoke the girls, and we ate, what we could, and moved on. After several hours of travel, we figuratively came face to face with 3 of the rat people. Using diplomacy is always an option I prefer to begin with, I fed the creatures to gain favor. After we discovered we could not communicate with them, as well as their complete distaste for water, we started our travels to what we realized was an abandoned town. The creatures followed. Still not completely used to the powers of my deity, I finally crafted a spell that allowed me to understand the creatures words. They were plotting our demise. I turned swiftly and drew my weapon to show the creatures that I understood their intentions. Violence ensued. The creatures fought valiantly, but died to the greater combat prowess of the girls. I myself, rendered useless as the beast spit up on me. Also, upon some inspection, they carry lice on them. Upon being touched by the rat folk, these lice get on you and begin to bite, causing serious itching. We quickly discovered salt water rids us of the bugs.

The whole time, I was slightly distracted as I thought about the red, cloaked creature. It dawned on me, in my teachings as a follower, they describe foul, evil beasts from other planes. Demons and devils. These creatures are supposedly, extremely intelligent, manipulative and strong. Some are even said to have spell powers and abilities. I hope for our sake this is not the case. I am worried to tell the girls that this is what it could be. I do not want to see them get hurt, or worse. According to my teachings, it is my job as a follower to eradicate these beings upon confrontation, but I fear I will put too many in danger. Perhaps, we can come back later, when our skills and abilities are more practiced to take it on. Again, I hope that this is not the case, but I fear that it is.

That is all for now, we are packing up, ready to move out again. Until next time

Reagan-Journal Entry
The Adventure according to ME!

Only doing the farmer a favor. Ha! If Farmers lead to Gremlins, what will the Gremlins lead us to? the answer to that is a creature dressed as little red riding hood with a bottomless bag. Delightful!!!!!

This entire endeavor has been trying on my nerves but I have enjoyed my time away from home. Sleeping in warm sand (which has resulted in my skin bearing a delicate pattern from the sand the Sae and Flynn applied in such an artistic way….brats), sleeping and eating with a smell in the air that would make a corpse smell like fresh jasmine in bloom. I am slightly disappointed that Leo wouldn’t get into the boat. to be fair, I really cant blame her. I would do my best to avoid it as well if I were her.

Gremlins are the most rank and vile things I have ever seen! The stench has ingrained itself into everything. I shall have to burn my clothes after this affair. Anyways, yes! Vile and rank. They vomit on their opponents to gain the upper hand, infecting them with lice while they bite at your flesh. Thanks karma! I stayed behind the group and watched as Aven gave them food in an attempt of earning trust. Once the food was gone, so was their “trust” and patience. My sisters and friend were a blur of hair and quick movements as they attempted to dodge the projectile vomit of the rat faced creatures. I fired a few shots with my bow and in the end we were successful in killing them all! There is something oddly satisfying about watching a well matched fight! For the record, I was terrified through the entire thing. just putting that out there.

I have the oddest craving for fresh bread….it certainly would smell divine in comparison to the foul stench of the gremlins!!!

The Camp, Ambush!

After a short rest, and bath to remove the lice, and vomit from the earlier encounter with the strange race of rat folk. The party starts their trek towards the camp, moving along the river northward.

Eventually it was time to cross the river, and begin scouting the camp for possible threats. Aven was the first to make the swim, trying a rope to himself in order to help the others cross. Shortly thereafter Reagan and Saelona broke off from the group to take a closer look at the camp.

Moving slowly and finding whatever cover they could Reagan and Saelona came to within a few hundred yards of the camp, discovering more of the strange creatures, a few torn tents, various animals which presumably belonged to farmer Oakshade, as well as a single mud hut. Circling around the camp towards the far side the two half-elves discovered a few more animals penned behind the hut. They also spotted a small red creature moving around inside the hut itself.

After a successful recon of the camp, Saelona, and Reagan returned to their companions to report what they had discovered. Though it was still unclear as to what kind of force might be hidden away within the camp, the decision was made to do what they could to get these animals home.

Again the party moved north, and again Saelona and Reagan departed to scout ahead. This time however it appears they were spotted as one of the rat like creatures began looking their way and gesturing to another. Desperate to find better cover Reagan and Saelona separated, Saelona waving to her companions to catch up. Reagan looking back towards the camp discovered the creatures were gone and three piles of dirt now remain where the creatures stood.

Reagan knowing the creatures are burrowers put her ear to the ground. Saelona Moved to join her companions. Shortly after three of the creatures sprung up from the ground taking the party by surprise. A long battle ensued, Reagan, and Flynn were severely injured during the conflict. Aven exhausted most of his divine power during or after the fight.

Though weakened, and battered the party decided to move forward yet again. Saelona went ahead to see if there would be any more threats. Entering the camp from the north by the mud hut, Saelona did not see or hear anything coming from the camp, other than the roar of the fire, and the sounds of the livestock. Quietly peeking into the window she discovered the red creature was nowhere to be seen, only a small chair, and a small chest stood inside the hut. Silently moving around to the front of the hut, she could see into a few of the torn tents no movement or creatures were visible. She entered the hut taking the chest, and then returned to her companions.

The small wooden chest was locked; Reagan was able to pry the chest open using Flynn’s handy crowbar. Inside the chest was a small crude map, with the word “mrim’ol” written on it.


The party then spread out the search the camp a couple of old and rusted chests where found inside the tents, again popping open the chests revealed some very old clothing, and one vial containing a blueish liquid.

Aven proceeded to gather up the animals, and the dicision was made to bring the animals to the western shore of the island.

Aven - Journal Entry #3
The mission was a success...

Goodness, what an odd couple of days we’ve had. Killing rat creatures, the girls being stalked by the creepy red hooded figure, finding a secret… shrine I suppose would be the way to describe it. Most importantly, Farmer Oakshade, got his animals back. During the last couple of days, I have been discovering more about my abilities. Focusing the power of a “Deity” is rather taxing. I am still trying to fully grasp the concept of what I can do. During the battle with the red creature, Saelona fell. She didn’t die, but was rendered unconscious. My work as a healer, was my first instinct. I probably could have focused divine power and healed her perfectly, but, I didn’t. I’m starting to realize that the gift Irori has given me is one not to be squandered. It has the potential for great good, but also horrific evil. I’m not questioning my faith, but I am beginning to question whether I am strong enough as an individual to convey this sort of power. I suppose time will tell. I must remain true to my teachings, and in the spirit of Irori. Eh, self doubt is always something that happens after you see loved ones hurt, and you weren’t able to prevent it. This log is a short one, I do not feel like recounting every detail of how I was unable to serve as a protector for my “family”.

Until next time….

Flynn's Journal Entry #2
Adventuring Sucks

So adventuring can be profitable after all… who knew?

Not that it makes up for what happened to Saelona. I will have to try and put my food down the next time they want to try and get themselves killed, but I suspect I will once again be dragged on some crazy adventure in order to try and keep them all alive. I’m happy to be back home(where there are no small caves to jump out and attack me), hopefully that will last longer then a week. I put my money in my savings(It’s important to be ready for a rainy day and all that) after I gave a percent to our group and another percent to mom to help with up keep at the inn. Now to put my feet up and enjoy a good meal. Here’s to sleeping in my own bed tonight!!!

Saelona's journal entry #2
Finally done with those disgusting rat thingies

I got puked on … AGAIN!!! Seriously, I am not happy about that. What I am happy about is to be done with this particular quest. Oakshade has his cattle back and I, hopefully, don’t have to encounter them ever again.

On another note, I need to be more careful in battle. I can be a liability like that. My family has to be able to rely on me. Admittedly, I was a bit unfocused since I had to squeeze into not one but two small tunnels to get to our target, but still that is not an excuse. I have to man up next time.


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