Game Rules

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1. Be respectful to other players:
First and foremost this is a game, and games are supposed to be fun. Everyone at the table should be respected, and treated as you would like to be treated. Do not pressure players to hurry up or insult other players. A little in game ribbing can be fun for all, DO NOT take it to far.

2. Get into Character:
By no means does this mean you need to speak with an accent, or speak like a medieval knight. You’ve worked hard to develop your character, be that character when we’re at the table.

3. Speak up:
In order to limit miscommunication, and assumptions. Say what you are doing, try to be as specific as possible. If you do not say your actions, your character is not acting.

4. Be prepared:
Have your character sheet, dice, pencils with you, having basic knowledge of what your skills/spells/feat do. This will help speed up game play as to not have to constantly look things up. This can be difficult as your character progresses, make cheat sheets if needed. In combat, pay attention to the initiative order, be ready to act when it’s your turn.

5. Splitting the party:
The rule all role players say never to break, but almost always do. If/when the party splits actions will be handled by going back and forth between the split members, each member of the smaller group(s) getting 1 action. So that no one person, or group monopolizes the time.

6. Character Knowledge Vs. Player Knowledge
You’re character will only be allowed to act on information that he/she has received within the game. If you’re character is not part of a conversation (see rule 5). Please try to keep what you as the player knows separate from what you’re character knows.

7. Use this resource:
This website will be your guide for everything you as a player need to know about the campaign. Details of the world, maps, information about npcs, and details of the last session will be published here. Your character will also be stored here, keep your character up to date. So that between games the GM can update his information.

Game Rules

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