Isle of Brohst

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The Isle of Brohst is a the largest of a small chain of islands located a few miles off of the western coast of the Kingdom of Achelon. Though technically an independent nation, the Isle of Brohst relies heavily on Achelon for trade, and protection.

The Isle of Brohst though fairly large is only sparsely populated, as fresh drinking water is far from plentiful. However as sparsely populated as it is, it contains one of, if not the most diverse racial populations, all living in peace, and harmony. Dozens of races many of whom would be enemies of on mainland living together with one common goal, to make this island a home.

Much of the population came to Brohst to be free men and women, to walk their own path, and to live a different life than those of their kin. As such, the isle has no one ruler, but each of the towns has an elected official. These elected citizens form the conclave of Brohst, who convene for any matters of politics with other societies. However the conclave rarely meets and life on Brohst just goes on.


The isle of Brohst was first discovered by Johnathan S. Brohst, Captain of the Orchid Rose more than a century ago. Captain Brohst was at the time a naval captain for what is now known as the Kingdom of Achelon. However after disagreeing with his commanding officer with regards to the treatment of Prisoners of war, Captain Brohst took his ship, his crew and set out to see. He was later named a pirate and traitor to the crown. He and his crew eventually settled on the island, going out to see only to sea for supplies, only traveling to ports where he was not a wanted man. Over time he eventually gave passage to more like minded people, and eventually a society of a few hundred called the island home.

Rumors began to spread around the globe of a place where orcs and elves, gnomes and goblins, not only live together, but live together in peace. All of whom are lead by captain and his ship of gold. To this day many would be treasure hunters come to the island in hopes of finding this golden ship. But peace on the island was not long lived. Eventually the island was discovered, and invaded. However the invading force was outmatched by the small diverse defending force, combining the best combat tactics perfected over time by the many races of the world. Since that day the Isle of Brohst was declared and independent land, who would welcome anyone he seeks a peaceful life away from kings, and queens, wars, and racism.

As for Captain Brohst, that is still a great mystery, no one truly knows what became of him or his ship.

Key Sites

1. Hinswall Hold
2. Albwood
3. Kamdar
4. Coral Cove
5. Old Hinswall
5. Brohst Silver mine

Isle of Brohst

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