The village of Kamdar first began as a tent city founded by a few miners at the base of the mountain ridge after silver was found on the surface. Over time the tent city gave way to a full-fledged working town. Many of the residents within the city are miners, the remainder of the populous support the city.


There are 2 roads leading to Kamdar; 1 road is major leading to Hinswall hold as the major trade route, the second leads to the silver mine itself. The city is lined with stone streets in a parallel pattern.


The city is broken into the following districts: Mining, trade, residential.


The Conclave member for Kamdar is Graster Ironhouse. He is newly elected to the position.


Laws are enforced by a volunteer police, and are strictly enforced. Justice is served by judge and jury (at Hinswall), with a common punishment being community service.


Crime is unusual. The most common crime is theft of precious metals. The imprisonment rate is 0.16% of the population


Around town you’ll hear the following rumors:

  • Miners having been disappearing at the Brohst Silver Mine.
  • Miners have witnessed a reddish yellow glow in the mines that seems to move from place to place, yet no one has found the source.
  • Behind a caved in portion of the mine voices can be heard.
  • The mine foreman is exceptionally wealthy, by stealing metals before they are shipped to the port.


The people of Kamdar generally like outsides, especially if they prove their worth in the mine.

Job Postings

You’ll find the following job postings:

  • Need a Job? Positions available at the Brohst Silver mine, great pay and accidental death benefits! Contact Foreman Sotd Metalbasher
  • Security detail needed for weekly caravan to Hinswell Hold, good pay! Contact Forman Sotd Metalbasher
  • Translators wanted! Come to the Golden Stag for an interview.


These establishments worthy of mention in Kamdar:

  • Brohst Mining Co.
  • The Golden Stag
  • The Iron Anvil Blacksmith
  • The Crossroads Inn


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