Old Hinswall

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Before the founding and construction of Hinswall hold, the village of Hinswall was founded. The village rested on the eastern shore of a large fresh water lake, and was the first settlement on the Isle of Brohst. Located on the north-western section of the island life Hinswall was good, plenty of fresh water, forests, pasture land for all. During the Invasion of Brohst it was at Hinswall where the men and women of the island made their stand against the invading force, and won the Day.

A few short years after the invasion, the island of Brohst was shaken by and earthquake which permanently scarred the island, and and drained the local fresh water lake, which was key to the townspeople’s survival. What was once lush and fertile land has now been replaced by a rocky uninhabitable desert.

It wasn’t long after the townspeople abandon the village for a more suitable location. Eventually settling on the coast of Hinswall hold, the ruins of old Hinswall still stand though few venture to that place today, as rumors suggest that the ghosts of those that fell during the invasion, and those who perished during the quake still protect the city as they did when they lived.

Old Hinswall

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