Ruins of Aspia

Aven - Journal Entry #6

What in Iroris name happened?!

Moments after seeing the ghostly figure, I witnessed, one by one my friends collapse around me. Shortly after the darkness stole my senses as well. We awoke, an unknown amount of time later in an old decrepit courthouse, in Old Hinswall. We sat in the jurors stand along with 8 other people:
Sir Rekkart Cole a Paladin of Iomedae
Tabbark Hammergrind a Dwarf
Madge Blossomheart a lovely little halfling
Malgrim Hurkes a Hobgoblin
Killian Paltreth a Human
Patrissa Vrakes a Human
Ebin Blithaddle a very angry Gnome
and Halgrak Five-Toes a Half-Orc
At first we were all unaware of why we had suddenly appeared in the courthouse of old. It soon became clear, the spirit wanted help. After careful investigation of most of the undead abundant courthouse, it became clear what we had to do. We had to find the rightful killer and sentence him or her to death. Following some lengthy interviews, Killian Paltreth admitted being the one who murdered the spirits family. The moral complications for me were overwhelming. The choices were to let the spirit continue to harass, maim and even kill us, or sentence a man to death without a proper trial. We spoke to Sir Rekkart Cole, and as a paladin of justice, honour, valor and rulership; he deemed that Killian was to be set to hang in the gallows. My stomach turned and toiled, as my Patron also represented law tasked me with an almost impossible decision. In an instant I was rewarded for my turmoil, as Irori herself showed me the way. The man had to die. I could not let anything happen to anyone else, especially my friends. The ideal of the greater good won the day, and I stopped my internal protest. So it went, Killian was strung up in the gallows and hung. Saelona pulled the lever, and since that moment I could see it eating at her. We will discuss it further in private. Once we were sure the man was dead, the presence that was contained within the walls of the courthouse seemed to fade away. Things seemed a little less dark. Now it was time for home.

Upon returning home, we all went our separate ways as we always do. The girls went back to the inn, and I went to the shrine to make sure it was clean. Once there I discovered a note from Christian, the Greencloak, inviting us to the mainland if we were interested in some more adventure, in addition a special token had been left as proof of the invitation. I decided to hold on to this and let the girls have at least the day to relax and recover from our travels. Over the course of the day after meeting with the Chancellor, who had returned during our absence, that she was victim to a kidnapping, and had nothing to do with the spirit. Some bandits thought they could get a hefty ransom for a government official.

Upon arriving at the inn for dinner, I presented the idea of going to the mainland in search for more adventure, of course Flynn was a little wary of it at first, but gave in shortly after. After several days in town, selling our valuables off we set sail for the mainland. After arriving we made quick work of finding the tavern in which we were to deliver the coin. We were all asked to join the Golden Lantern Lodge (the Greencloaks as we had always called them) and an individual interview for each of us ensued. We were tasked to wait down in the tavern part as they decided how they would proceed with us. A very strange occurrence took place when a random Dwarf decided at that moment that he was dangerously intrigued with Saelona. Jumping up on a tavern table and declaring his undying love for her. It made me question if this group was something we should be apart of. Either way, it was to be that we would enter some sort of recruitment testing facility where we would be tested. The wagons are pulling in now… to be continued


Durgart Mordekain

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